Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cork-Board Beauty!

The hubs had this old, ugly cork-board that had been sitting around for a few years, just taking up space in our office. I was in spring cleaning mood and about to trash it but then I thought about the fabric cork-boards I had seen floating around the blogosphere and pinterest.

So I thought I'd see if I could salvage this thing.  I had some white paint left over from a previous project, so I used that to paint the wooden frame. I didn't feel the need to tape off the cork board to protect it from the paint because I planned to place fabric over the cork board later.

After the paint dried, it was time to put the fabric on the cork board, I found my fabric at Hobby Lobby.  For this next part, if your frame is in good enough condition to be taken off and reassembled, I would do that. Then you can pull your fabric tight over the cork board and staple it on the back of the board, and reattach the frame. Much simplerer and faster! However my frame looked like it would fall apart if I were to remove it and try to add it back later, so for me, this next step was a little tricky. I laid the fabric over the board and cut my fabric to size. I cut the fabric about an 1/8 of an inch larger than my cork-board was, because I planned to tuck the fabric in under the frame. I used a flat head screw driver to do this, but I later realized that a putty knife would have worked so much better and made this process go a lot faster!! Haha, so I recommend using a putty knife if you have on on hand, if not, the flat head screw driver works just fine, just a little slow and tedious.

After your fabric is all tucked in, under the frame, you're done!
Hang that beauty up and admire you're awesome work!

Here mine is, completed and hanging in my craft room, above the sewing machine!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Shower

I wanted to share a few pictures from my baby shower last weekend! :) This is our first baby, and my mom's first grand-baby! We're having a little boy, so it was a little hard to figure out decor. I kept wanting to go frilly, lacey, and girly but I had to restrain myself and keep it as neutral/boy like as possible. :) My mom hosted the shower, but she let me pitch in a lot with ideas and decorating.

The "Sign-In Table." Instead of a traditional sign-the-guest-book, we had guests guess what baby's birthday will be! We had a baby feet stamp that guests used to stamp the day that they thought our baby boy would be born, and then they wrote their name in the box also. I showed how to make the burlap frame for the calendar in this post. And the stamp, we bought at Hobby Lobby.

Refreshment table. We had pink lemonade or southern sweet tea to choose from! We used little canning jars for drink glasses, and we used raffia ribbon to tie a name tag to each glass. That way guests didn't have to remember, "Was this one mine? No, wait, I think this one was mine." :)

Instead of a cake, we opted for cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla. I made the little bunting by using some scrap fabric we had, two wooden skewer sticks, and some thread. It was actually pretty simple to make. Just cut out your fabric triangles, I eye-balled the size, thread them together, then tie to the skewer sticks! I dabbed some glue where the string tied on, just for some extra hold.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Burlap Frame Background

I know it's a little bit backwards that I'm helping put together my baby shower, but today with Pinterest and Blogs, I just can't sit by and not help throw my very first baby shower! I'm too excited, I have too many ideas! :) So my very gracious mother is letting me pretty much run the show while she sits back and hosts it in her home. She's the best :)
We're going to do a "Guess Baby's Birth Date" calendar at the baby shower. We just need a pretty frame and a calendar. Obviously I looooove burlap so I thought that would be a great background inside the frame!
I had this frame lying around that I thought would be a perfect candidate!
- Picture Frame with mat/background
- Material (in this case I used burlap)
- Mod Podge
- Paint brush or Foam brush
- Scissors 
To begin I removed the mat/background from the frame. This frame never had glass for some reason, if it had, I'd take that out too. Then lay your frame background out on your burlap (material) to figure out where to make your cuts. I want to go about 1inch out from each side of the mat, that way there is enough to wrap around and glue on the back.

To cut the burlap, figure out where you want to make your cut, then snip just one string that runs in the same direction of your cut. Pull the string.
Keep pulling...

Voila! Now you have a line to see where to cut, just cut straight down the middle. This should also help with fraying. Not prevent it, just help it not to fray as badly or as quickly.

Now get out the Mod Podge and a brush. We're going to glue the burlap (or whatever material you chose to use) to the mat.

Brush Mod Podge all over the front side of the mat.

Then press your material down.

Flip it over, and then brush Mod Podge along the 4 sides on the back, so we can fold over the material to the back and it'll stay.

Fold the material back and press it down. I used some heavy books and sat them on the edges while the fabric dried, just for extra measure :)

Once dry, place it back in the frame.

Frame and mat finished!!! I am in love! I definitely plan to find another purpose for this frame after the baby shower is over! Now just to attach the calendar. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shirt Refashion

This was such an easy make-over, but I feel like it deserves it's own post to show to think outside of the box before you throw something out. This shirt, for example, I wasn't a fan of the bell-bottom sleeves, but I loved the burnt orange color, and the jersey knit material. So I thought I'd try and do something with those sleeves, maybe just cut them off?

I grabbed my scissors and cut about an inch below the midway band on the sleeve. And the best part is, this shirt is jersey knit material, which doesn't fray, so there's no need to hem the edge!!!!

Now I have this adorable shirt and I just love it!!

We went from retro 70's to modern blouse, just by cutting those bell sleeves off! Such an easy transformation!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Birthday T-Shirt

One of my niece's recently turned 3 and I thought to celebrate the event, it'd be fun for her to have a customized birthday T-shirt, one just as unique as she is :) Now, I am not a professional or anything, but I thought I'd try my hand at it! Her favorite color is orange, so I needed to find a plain, orange t-shirt, some cute coordinating fabric for a "3" and some ribbon to make a little flower rosette.  I purchased the t-shirt from Academy Sports store for $4, but I saw Hobby Lobby has some and I'm sure, depending on the season, Wal-mart or Target would probably have a basic T-shirt also. I found the fabric and ribbon at Hobby Lobby (and ribbon was half off that day!!)

So to begin, I drew and cut out a "3" from some newspaper. That served as my pattern. (Please excuse the poor photo quality, I didn't have my camera handy so I had to settle for my iPhone.)

After I had my "3" pattern, I pinned it to my fabric and cut my "3" out.

Next step, I pinned the "3" to the front of the orange t-shirt, exactly where I wanted it to go.

Then sew the "3" in place with whatever stitch and thread color you desire. I chose to use a zig-zag stitch and some hot-pink thread. I wanted mine to look a little messy and frayed around the edges. But I made sure to zig-zag stitch two or three times around, just for extra measure. And voila! You're done! :) Wasn't that easy?!?

Now, you can stop there! But I felt like it needed a little something more, so I crafted up a little hot-pink flower rosette, and hand stitched that on. (A tutorial on how to make the rosette to come)

Now you're done! :)
The birthday girl loved her t-shirt and she loved it even more that her aunt made it specially for her!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I just love spray paint!

We had this really neat, old, metal, gardening shelf just sitting on our back porch for years because I just had no idea what to do with it. I loved it! Just had no idea what to do with it...

Then I got this idea that it might look cute in our guest bathroom with towels, q-tips, and toilet paper on it!! So I gently sanded it down with some fine grit sand paper, just to get some of the rust off, and I picked up some Rust-Oleum spray paint from Home Depot in Heirloom White, I just loooove that color, and gave her a few coats and now look at this beauty!!

Just gorgeous! After it was finished drying I popped into our guest bathroom and it now sits beautifully in it's new home! Holding supplies for our guests, no longer neglected on the back porch out in the rain, but loved and safe inside the house! :)